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If you phrased the question:

"Do you agree with the except from William Watkins "Reclaiming the American Revolution" Chapter 6, pg 140 -- quote in isolation, as stands.

The answer is "Yes. 100%. Absolutely. That was the original intent of the Constitution, as a contract agreed to and signed by the state delegations at the time"

Are you agreeing with this author? I take it?

No, I didn't read the entire thread to get the context of who / why you were responding to the way you did. My bad.

imo yes: if they don't understand this point, they most likely do not "get' what the Constitutional Republic actually is and was meant to be. Agreed.

ps. Nice tip on the book. I am putting this on my wishlist to pick up.

Recommendation: Brion T. McClanahan "The Founding Fathers Guide to the Constitution"

He does a great job of clearing up original intent using supporting historical documentation from the time period (including but well beyond the Federalist Papers)