Comment: Hunkered down in a small town , that has

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Hunkered down in a small town , that has

some actual industry and manufacturing , Amish are close by & everybody hunts, fishes , farms.

I have stock piled glass windows for making a Greenhouse in the spring

Looking to purchase a ammo reloader-Thanks Mike for the tip

Finishing up for my carry permit

Have a large well established organic garden

Stock piling wood for the stoves

Been stock piling heirloom seeds - people fight over my veggie plants in the spring

Small Barn Built for Chickens & Rabbits - Property is now all fenced , I currently barter for my meat chickens , eggs , pork , turkeys , and grass feed beef, But will probably change & raise my own here in the spring. Only problem is my wife will try and make them all pets.

The small towns in my area are all the same , fierce staunch Patriots , but peaceful, law abiding folk, and armed to the hilt - Warriors the lot.

Anxious to get the GreenHouse up as I will configure it so that I can grow in the off season Via Geo Thermal & Solar

I favor small silver coin , Quality tools - power & hand , Craigs List is still a good source for A-Z. I am still trying to buy a natural gas house generator , but they are few and far between and sell fast

Maybe I'll construct a still and make moonshine, my beer making was a fiasco , even my kids wouldn't drink it.

"You Cannot Stop An Idea Whose Time Has Come"