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I too

was told I was driving people away, but after nearly a year and a half, many of those folks are finally looking beyond MSM for their news. Even then they still have a journey ahead of them. I did. It took a lot of delving into many sources to sort out just what was true and what was propaganda. That quest is ongoing.

I am 8 years shy of four score, and have been divorced for well over 10 years. Alone is not so bad, but it would be lovely to have a relationship with a kindred spirit. Appealing to me would be a gentleman who is awake on the issues, knows what and where to get into it, who has also made plans for the inevitability, and who does not come across as belligerent. What??? Sounds like Matt Dillon. Hahaha. Seriously, I believe many of we women are looking for the same qualities in a man. That would be someone genuine-no pretense.

You will find someone when you are really ready. It doesn't sound as though you are now. You need to get your life together for yourself first, before you can share it with another.