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Comment: "Let's—as in 'let us'?" Who constitutes "us?" And just how do

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"Let's—as in 'let us'?" Who constitutes "us?" And just how do

you expect to make this happen?

What judge is going to issue the arrest warrant?

What marshall or other proper agent of the U.S. government is going to execute it and take her in?

Do you plan to go rogue and do it yourself? You just want to storm the Hill and take her into custody? Or are you going to lie in wait and kidnap her?

Really big mouth, just how do you think this will all go down?

I'll tell you how - it won't.

No one is going to do anything.

Anyone with proper authority to do so is nothing but a coward and traitor themselves. They've sold out long ago. If they hadn't we wouldn't be this bad off already.

No member of Congress is going to be arrested, much less prosecuted and convicted for any legislation, no matter how heinous.

She could call for outright extermination of all gun owners and sympathizers and nothing would happen to her.

You folks don't get it.

The cavalry ain't comin'.

We're cooked.

The pot isn't simmering. It's already at a boil, and has been for some time.

Her bill, if it passes, will go into effect, people will comply mostly, and they'll move on to step 2.

I don't expect to see any serious resistance until door to door confiscations start. And even then, don't expect to hear about them on the news unless it ended badly only for the homeowner, who may or may not have been a gun owner.

Congratulations, every American is now officially a terrorist and an "enemy of the state."

The time to stop this was over 10 years ago.

It's too late now.