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Thank you!

I realized I left her out of that story; My mother is doing well, she lives on her own near one of my sisters houses and yes she was the one who homeschooled me. SO it made it extremely difficult when she left the house.

I went to high school for two reasons, sports and socializing. It was hard for us kids to have many friends and my mother didn't want to me to grow up alone. Entering High School is a whole different tragic story as a freshman - I ate lunch at my locker for the first two months.. before I made a friend, who then asked his professor if it would be okay that I ate lunch in the back of the classroom as long as I didn't disturb anyone.. I hated school, I hated being alone, and I hated everyone who walked by me and laughed. I outgrew that phase and became independent from the 'cliques' and by Senior Year I was friends with everyone, simply because I didn't have a mean bone in my body by then. I was tired of being full of hate, so i went the opposite and began to love.

When I come home, I see all of my family, but you know it just not the same. My sisters are married, they have their own lives. I am just a single guy in college, waiting for love to come around.

I am a strong believer in Christ, as is my family, which is probably the only reason we all still love each other and get along. Except my parents, they won't speak unless they have to - birthday parties are separated, christmas and thanksgiving are seperate.. we are not complete anymore.

Lucky for me, I can't hate anyone, so I have really good friends that help to fill the void. Thank you so much for asking and caring. As you can imagine, its not easy for me to talk about this stuff, but the original post broke my heart and I just felt welcome to share my suffering, so others may know the pain can be conquered.

God Bless You.

They that give up liberty for security deserve neither.