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diatomaceous earth (DE)

has so many health benefits it so hard to pick a few and leave out the rest!

I had mentioned I had taken it for my back, but I also suffered from severe heart palpitations when I slept. I think there is nothing scarier than awaking from sweating and heart trying to jump out of chest! Since I been taking DE I no longer have this problem nor do I have severe heart burn any longer.

I just had a blood tests done by my insurance company, seems this overweight 63 year old is more healthy than most 20's. Blood cholesterol is 175 and HDL and LDL are correct numbers. My wife was quite jealous I think her being much younger had pour blood testing. I must mention I have been hounding her to start taking DE and get out the high blood pressure meds and diabetes meds. She is the type that only the doctor has the cure, I am just the opposite.

The main thing DE will do for you immediately is clean out your gut. This is where your first line of defense is not your skin where you may think. DE will clean out your colon of all pathogens and if you take in good bacteria like in yogurt, DE will help them grow and flourish. DE has a positive charge and all bad bacteria and viruses have a negative charge. So it sweeps them and any other parasites out of the gut. When you repair the gut all other organs in the body just fall in line because they are being fed correctly.

If you do a web search on DE you will find all kinds of resources, as well as scare tactics by the medical profession. Some try to convince people that it is like eating ground up glass, which is just a big lie. DE is prehistoric fossil shells ground up like fine powder. When I mention shells not like sea shells but microscopic single celled shells. If you magnify 700 times they look like cylinders of woven thread, but only very hard. On the hardness scale diamonds are a 9 and DE is a 7. DE being very hard is what cleans and scrubs the colon clean and cleans out the arteries of all bad cholesterol.

If you decide to buy some DE make sure it says FOOD GRADE and buy no other! Food grade is meant for grain storage in that it kills bugs in the grain, but yet is edible. Hardware stores sell it with a pesticide in it as a bug killer and there is a pool grade also as in a pool filter. DE is also a excellent bug killer in the home and garden, with no pesticide to worry about.

Where I bought mine was at a farm feed store, they had 3 lb bags for $5.95 and 50 lb bags for $25. If you want to find a store close to you do a web search on perma grade DE. This company has lots of stores nationwide. You can buy on line but these people buy the 50 lb bags and re-bag into smaller bags for resale. You could even become a dealer for Perma grade!

You may think this stuff is to good to be true, well the truth being it is nothing but a miracle this stuff really works. The main thing be patient takes a couple weeks for minor help, will take a good month for real results.

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