Comment: Absolutely NOT!!!!

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Absolutely NOT!!!!

"Over population" = BAD GOVERNMENT (poorly managed to say the least).

The over population myth is a malicious consumerism LIE.

People who hate people believe in over population. People who focus on materialism LOVE over population myth, thinking, "If there were fewer people, there would be MORE for me", Or "Eliminate people to save the planet". The planet was here long before people and this planet will remain long after people. The life on this planet will evolve, re-create, morph.. some species will not survive and new ones will develope..

Back in the 70's.. Maybe 1970, my parents took us to an "Earth Expo".. one of the features was:

As people showed up to the expo, they had us wait until there was so many to form a group of about 20/24, and then we were walked into a smaller room, and then a smaller room, and so on, until we were all crammed most uncomfortably in what was a cell, where we waited for them to release us into the main expo hall.. the entire time we were being told how the Earth was over populated and there was not enough resources for all of us.. and by the time they opened the doors, you were so uncomfortable, near desperate for space (if you were clastaphobic, you would not be able to make it through the rooms). This is the kind of conditioning we have been FORCED to believe in the secular world.

If you think the world is over populated, do us a favor and get lost.. eliminate yourself because you are part of the problem.

Wiping out the human population isn't difficult and it's not impossible.. Yellowstone could erupt and there goes human life.. poof! So live, LOVE, embrace LIFE and God Bless YOU!