Comment: The guy is a beaurcrat, bribed and / or threatened

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The guy is a beaurcrat, bribed and / or threatened

... to follow orders, spew this nonsense contradictory to reality.

He was ordered to generate smoke and mirrors to confuse stupid people. He fidgets and is nervous while he's doing it - highly aware of what he is doing (lying about evidence in the murder of thousands) and he subconsciously cannot hide his body language while he is doing it.

This shows that he is a common variety monkey for the globalists / an authoritarian follower type. He's not a true psychopath like the ones who coordinated the operation and willfully carried it out.

By comparison - watch Obama - a true master at willfully lying continuously, day after day. Without batting an eye. Does not break a sweat.

He's actually charming while doing it. A true psychopath. This is why he's got the job for 4 more years. He's so slick they railroaded him into the position.

Guys like this Gross are a dime a dozen. Nazi Germany was full of guys just like him at the height of their power. Weak, craven, dull, no ethics or morals, bootlicker, lackey. And the US is full of them in govt positions now, bank on it.