Comment: If governments would just do what I did... Leave!

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If governments would just do what I did... Leave!

At times, I am lonely on Halley's Comet. Population = 1. There is no government here. No fools, save one. I am scheduled to rendezvous with Earth in another 60 years or so. I hope you have ridden Earth of "over population" experts by then.

That reminds me a another place in need of your troublesome "over population."

      THE AMERICAN CLAIMANT, by Mark Twain, 1891

    This book is peppered with references to Siberia and Russian tyranny. In chapter 18 Twain's protagonist Colonel Sellers proposes to buy Siberia:

    Where is the place where there is twenty-five times more manhood, pluck, true heroism, unselfishness, devotion to high and noble ideals, adoration of liberty, wide education, and brains, per thousand of population, than any other domain in the whole world can show?"



    "It is true; it certainly is true, but I never thought of it before."

    "Nobody ever thinks of it. But it's so, just the same. In those mines and prisons are gathered together the very finest and noblest and capablest multitude of human beings that God is able to create. Now if you had that kind of a population to sell, would you offer it to a despotism? No, the despotism has no use for it; you would lose money. A despotism has no use for anything but human cattle. But suppose you want to start a republic?"

    "Yes, I see. It's just, the material for it."

    "Well, I should say so! There's Siberia with just the very finest and choicest material on the globe for a republic, and more coming -- more coming all the time, don't you see! It is being daily, weekly, monthly recruited by the most perfectly devised system that has ever been invented, perhaps. By this system the whole of the hundred millions of Russia are being constantly and patiently sifted, sifted, sifted, by myriads of trained experts, spies appointed by the Emperor personally; and whenever they catch a man, woman or child that has got any brains or education or character, they ship that person straight to Siberia. It is admirable, it is wonderful. It is so searching and so effective that it keeps the general level of Russian intellect and education down to that of the Czar"

Disclaimer: Mark Twain (1835-1910-To be continued) is unlicensed. His river pilot's license went delinquent in 1862. Caution advised. Daily Paul