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if you go by the Fraser institute Denmark and Finland are more economically free than the USA.

Sweden and Norway are right below the USA all in the top thirty.

I heard a researcher give a speech on the index and basically if you are in the top 30 you have similar economic freedom and similar wealth to nearly every one else in that bracket. Notice every country is in the 7-point-something range except for the top 5. So we really are not that different than these great place you mention. Similar story on the heritage list too!

So what is sad is that the USA is roughly the same in economic freedom level as these socialist countries everyone thinks we should copy. Similar wealth too. If you want to make a comparison you have to use HK/singapore to Sweden. everything else is somewhere in-between and not vastly different. Zimbabwe compared to the Netherlands the argument becomes clear...more freedom is better. Notice sound currency plays a huge role in this too.

We aren't talking giant differences in wealth between the usa and these counties listed.

Of course this is looking at the economy as a whole and it might not have statist touch in just the right places you are looking for.