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Great advice!

Thanks TommyPaine! I like every piece of advice you gave... just one correction I would like to make is that he is VERY MUCH aware of the problems Ron Paul and his supporters see as the "problem" right now.

We agree with my friend that there is a HUGE problem with the MIC (military industrial complex), crony capitalism, banking... and even the voting system.

about 90% of the problems we agree on. Our differences are in the "solution"

He puts importance on "love" and thus the absolute need of society to take care of the poor, and disabled, or simply the "less fortunate"

While I understand Ron Paul (libertarians) to be centered on LIBERTY and freedom to choose the allocation of your hard won/earned resource/money/capital.

THANK YOU AGAIN for your comments!

Just plain 'Happy'about the direction the world is taking! Especially if we live to reach LEV [Longevity Escape Velocity]