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Meditation has been proven to make a difference to how you think. Or more it's a tool that you can use to change how you think. Athletes these days all meditate on the race ahead. Seeing the outcome as favourable and training their minds to believe it. You will not find a world class athlete these days that don't.

Our bodies reflect what we believe. That is why things like lie detectors work. If we can train our minds to believe something our bodies will react accordingly. Neuro Linguistic programming is a big field. Once meditation was just a spiritual believe but now it's been embraced by science as it's been proven to work.

I meditate about 4-5 times a week where I see my life as perfect and that I'm without fear. My body started reacting as expected and now I'm acting more confident than ever. 70% of our communication is non-verbal so training our minds to think positive means we act positive and others start perceiving us as positive. Then one day you realize you no longer have to force your mind to think this way. You are positive.

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