Comment: There are actually 5.5 arable acres per person.

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There are actually 5.5 arable acres per person.

For some reason it is unpopular to have the logical viewpoint that there are too many people.

With the lifestyle of an American there is no way we survive on 5.5 acres. Food production is not the only use of land we require. What about all the building materials that your home is comprised of? The roads, energy, commercial space, parking lots, open space, landfills, gravel mines, wildlife habitat, forests, parks, utilities, and schools all take up space. And the population is increasing exponentially. So by 2030 there will be only half that space if we extrapolate the previous population growth. And even if the earth can handle it, I think it is inconvenient and frankly irresponsible. It is too bad a dialogue about is so offensive to most people.