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I don't think

that overpopulation is a problem per-se. I saw somewhere recently that the entire world could fit in a state of Texas and it would be the density of New York city. And that would take just one state - surely there is still plenty of room.

However, the real problem is the resource consumption. World-wide debt-based economy has created a system in which there is a constant need for infinite growth within the world that has finite resources. This is getting worse as the economy of other countries grows (or in other words as more debt is being created there, that then needs to be repaid by taking out more resources and so forth). In order for economy to constantly grow and for debt to be repaid we have the system in which we are conditioned to buy new furniture every few years, not because it's not useful anymore, but because we want new. We are almost assumed to buy a new car after the old one is paid off, even though the old one still works just fine, etc.

So you could probably have a world in which there's half the people than we have now, but in which , say China and India are already at the level of consumption and waste that the US has and that world would be worse off than this one. Remember - we're only 5% of population here and we use some 20-25% of the world's energy reserves. So technically you only need a planet 5-6 times the size of the USA (which would be only about 1.5 billion people) consuming and wasting as we do and we'd be worse off than today.