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Comment: Except that will never happen

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Except that will never happen

unless people like you and me do it. And frankly, I don't see that happening anytime soon, because most seem to still be under the impression that sit-ins, online petitions, or merely posting on the DP will somehow 'fix' things.

Every time I see/hear someone talking about how X political figure should be charged with Y, I think "Are these people delusional? Have they not seen how the ruling class protects its own?"

Sad fact is that if you, I, or anyone else wants to see these people brought to justice, its going to have to be done by us, not 'them'. People can write all the letters and sign all the petitions they wish, but it does little else beyond giving the authors a false sense of accomplishment.

If you want the Constitution to be enforced, YOU have to enforce it, not wait around for someone else to enforce it for you.

tl;dr version: Hell will freeze over before the system follows the rules it attempts to enforce on the general population.

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