Comment: I know that.. It was an all inclusive statement.

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I know that.. It was an all inclusive statement.

I'll ask you the same thing I did Rob..

You do know that the issue of roads goes all the way back to the Founding Fathers don't you?

"As I said before, it should not be my responsibility to maintain some road across town that I never use."

No need to repeat yourself, we don't disagree on that and if you can come up with an idea that doesn't have 1000 holes in it, I'd be on board. As it is now, only one person has done that.

Don't throw out rhetoric, toss out solid ideas. Up against his idea of trading one monopoly for another one, I would not support.

I personally favor a Constitutional tax that would pay for things like that on the local/state level.

"Another point that you have neglected with your superb critical thinking skills is that lower traffic roads don't have to be paved. Dirt roads with borrow ditches are much cheaper. I just drove home on a dirt road."

So you think, because I didn't mention something, that I hadn't thought of it? Ever think that I might be trying to keep things down a bit because I'm having to defend my position to everyone on the board? The poster knew that would happen by the way, it's probably one of the reasons, he posted it to start with and hasn't come back to "finish our conversation" lol.

"When you feel the need to resort to insults, you should realize that it is a clue that your argument is failing."

I've already debunked that many times over. That's something someone says to make themselves feel like they are "winning" an argument, as well or it's a form of ego protection (Usually the case I think)

Sometimes I get frustrated that those before me either can't or won't see what's right before them. I personally start to believe that people are being intellectually dishonest.. It's like me having to explain another possibility in this situation. You'd think instead of throwing out statements like that.. which is what people do instead of thinking.. they'd ask or figure out alternatives themselves.. but they don't.. it's easier to throw up their form of ego shield.

So it's not always the way you see it.. it's not always about someone feeling that they are "losing" an argument.

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