Comment: Didn't understand it before I had watched it for the third time

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Didn't understand it before I had watched it for the third time

Second time I understood some really interesting points. Then I watched all the live news reports 911 here: - and watched SC again. Then I understood how brilliant that video is.

The 911 operation management haven't retired. Among other things, they are leading the opposition. Looks like they promote all kinds of diversions and wild ideas like energy weapons and so on. Make people chase this fiction called Government. The opposition will never be able to agree on anything and is kept divided. They protect medias involvement in this operation (like in the Sandy Hook operation) and promote the victims part and the flying objects part. These are the 3 most important issues to look into.

Also watch SC addendum, and maybe these one?

The 9/11 Synthetic Scenes:
The silliest of all the live news reports that day, Fox5 News Live 9/11:
Maybe listen to this interview with Christopher Holmes:

The 911 operation management made the largest mistakes in the beginning. After a while they had mainstreamed the story and taken over the opposition. Wouldn't it be quite significant if they faked the live news reports 911? Media is the Weapon of Mass Deception - a wonderful weapon if you have one. Controlled by the Nutwork.