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As I've stated elsewhere

They will divide and ostracize. The current laws that keep felons from possessing firearms will be expanded to misdemeanors and then quickly to anyone accused of any type of infraction of the law. The word "accused" is operative here. A mere traffic violation will be used to show an individual has no respect for the law and should not be allowed to own or possess a fire arm. For a few years I operated a hot dog cart at the County courthouse here. It was amazing to see the amount of fire arms brought in by the County Sheriff right before hunting season. A Protection From Abuse order ensures that all that is required for your weapons to be forfeit is an accusation by someone that you threatened or harmed them. The area I reside in is rich in tradition for hunting and manipulative women would initiate a dispute in order to punish their mate. No trial, no appeal, once the judge issues the order you have lost your Second Amendment rights. Same thing if there is any type of conviction, no matter how trivial, where probation has been ordered. All fire arms must be removed from your domicile. This is how they will do it, by making us all criminals.

If not us than who?