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Hey, thanks for the Carl Miller stuff !!!

I don't know if it was you or someone else who posted the links, but I read his 77-page paper and it was eye opening.

I never really "got" Artile 6, Section 2 of the Constitution, but WOW!

I do have 3 reservations about Carl's writing. Maybe you or someone else who has studied his stuff can answer:

(1) Some of his statute references have nothing to do with what he says they are about. One example is 5 USC 556(d) where he talks about losing jurisdiction. That section says nothing about that and doesn't seem to have anything to do with the courts. What gives?

(2) His material is constitutionally-based, yet is based on a theory. Since we all know American judges are corrupt as hell, do the judges uphold this argument consistently? Is it hit-or-miss? Does anybody know?

(3) Carl claims a 90%+ winning rate. Does provide any evidence of this?

I really DO like his stuff. Hell, I ***LOVE*** his stuff -- just a little leery in light of the corruption out there.