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Here is a comment from the book

that exactly fits what we are feeling has been happening. If you are at all awake you are seeing through the propaganda to the real agenda behind the events. Australia 1996 Port Arthur Massacre ushered in national gun ban. America is supposed to be next in line to fall for these tactics.

Quote from the book
“ The government encouraged the manufacture and importation of military firearms for the criminals to use. This is intended to foster a feeling of insecurity, which would lead the American people to voluntarily disarm themselves by passing laws against firearms. Using drugs and hypnosis in mental patients in a process called Orion (MK ULTRA, Manchurian Candidate), the CIA inculcated the desire in these people to open fire on schoolyards and thus inflame the anti-gun lobby. This plan is well underway, and thus far is working perfectly. The middle class is begging the government to do away with the 2nd amendment.”