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correct, though misleading

You are correct, the brokers that work at EuroPac require client approval before trading. Though if a person is new to the gold space, and you go to a broker like that, you expect them to be in-line with Peter's overall thesis, to help you make smart decisions. You also go to a broker like EuroPac or Sprott because you think they will make good recommendations, and have expertise to guide you, that's why you hired them in the first place!

I'm with another broker now, that acts as independent agent, within a couple of sectors. They run option spreads for hedging when it seems appropriate, and they lightly trade with market conditions.

There was some other stuff that went on in my experience, but it's not constructive and doesn't help anyone to bring it up; water under the bridge. I like Peter, I just didn't have a great experience with his firm. As in anything, your mileage may vary.