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Okay, you got me on that one, I must have read your statement


"And please don't insult my intelligence when your ability to express a point through text is lacking. Of course I've seen a grocery store on a road. Your statement says that the owner of the grocery story doesn't use the road to get to his grocery store! Huh?!!"

I think the fact that I am able to see my own errors is proof that you're not right. And I have the balls to admit it, even when I know people will try to use that against me. Which is more than I can say for the majority of the people I've interacted with here. :)

I've proven, however that you are defunct logically on many occasions, despite your ability to write well and convey it. :)

"OF COURSE it's your employers (or the grocery store owner's) responsibility to ensure people can access his store."

Yeah that's the way it works now.. All of my previous jobs paid for my cars, insurance, gas and upkeep so that I could get to work for them. Now they take that responsibility on for customers, in the form of location and such, but we aren't talking about customers. We're talking about the average worker getting to work and since you're of the mind that you aren't responsible for someone else's road, why then should we be willing to slap that on a business owner instead? Regardless of whether he gets benefit from it or not, it's NOT his responsibility to make sure his workers get to work.

"Unfortunately, people like you have got together and confiscated all the land that was already being used by everyone to travel freely, and y'all used the force of gov't to monopolize the construction and maintenance of roads because people like you assume that greed corporations will come in and buy up all the roads and hike up tolls."

You do know that the issue of roads goes all the way back to the Founding Fathers don't you? Someone like me? lol

"This is illogical on so many levels."

You say this right before you say this turditry below..Speaks volumes for your idea of logical..

"If those corporations buy up all the roads and jack up tolls, no one would use them."

I would imagine, it probably wouldn't come to that point realistically, but I don't doubt that where there were monopolies, you would have serious problems with it.

Don't we have issues with price gouging now when people think they have you by the balls?

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