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Comment: I saw most of the link on Katanga

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I saw most of the link on Katanga

I want to see the link on the Republic of Spain.

Whenever I get any information on what American productive capacity finances abroad, including the past, current, and future examples of Empire Building it occurs to me to remind myself of what happened in Waco.

"Coming to a Church near you."

I am also reminded of what was written in Solzhenitsyn's Nobel Prize Lecture on the subject of Empire (Legal Crime).

Basically he questioned why people care for each other when living in the same house, and why people fail to care when the distance is greater. From those words I try to be more sympathetic and I try to bring the torture victims, figuratively, inside the house, on the kitchen table, screaming, and what can I say to them?


I didn't know?

My hard earned productive capacity is financing your torturous demise?

You didn't obey without question, so next time think twice?

How about learning a thing or two about why these things happen and then stop doing those things?

End the FED
End the IRS
Bring the Troops Home (not to enforce the Empire at home)

It is never too late (until it is).