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You're right

There is no free market. Our market is highly regulated, as your example points out.

To take your example, what you propose is impossible, due to state regulations. Any food (or drink) must be prepared in a "commercial" kitchen. That kitchen must be licensed ($$$ for the state), and inspected (more $$$). It must be up to code, meaning you cannot use a home blender, or toaster, it must be "commercial" grade (more $$$).

All of this is foisted upon us as "protection," as if we'd all be dying of food poisoning without such regulations.

The truth is that BIG BUSINESS loves these regulations. The truth is, if you were out selling lemonade at .50 cents per glass, you'd be undercutting Minute Maid, and Coca Cola (which produces that lovely beverage, packed with high fructose corn syrup), would have none of that. And so Coke teams up with the State to make sure that you can buy or sell only state approved lemonade.

You are correct. I will not tell you, "You are free." Clearly you are not.

But I challenge you to rethink your last statement: One need not look any further to determine why the economy in this country is in the tank.

Coca cola may be only 70th on the Fortune 500, but it is 11th in terms of profits. They made $12 billion last year.

Country in the tank? Not Coke. Not Minute Maid.

Now excuse me while I rant: People have their panties all up in a wad about "The Government" making it not a free country. Well take a closer look friend. The government is just Big Business's bitch.

I look forward to your perspective on this, vinceable.

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