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You take things?

"Are you agreeing with this author? I take it?"

I did not give anything for you to take. The Articles of Confederation were competitively better than the Holland and Swiss Model Voluntary Governments; then Shays's Rebellion occurred, and then George Washington was called out of retirement to lead the charge for a National Consolidated Government backed by the Central Bankers of the time, such as the now infamous Alexander Hamilton.

If you don't know that, then you aught not take things from me that I do not give up without question.

Here is a list:

Competitive Voluntary Government Experiments:
Icelandic Commonwealth
Britain under Magna Carte
Holland (at least during the time period of the American Revolution)
Switzerland (at least during the time period: American Revolution)
America working under The Articles of Confederation (American Revolution 1776 through 1788)

Here is another list:
Despotic Empires
The Royal British Crown
The French Monarchy
Russian Monarchy
German Monarchy
Nazi Germany (Fascist like our government is now)
Bolshevik Russia (Financed by the dollar denominated Central Bankers as was Nazi Germany)
U.S.A. Inc. (LLC) A.K.A. The Dollar Hegemony, World Bank, International Monetary Fund, United Nations, The Pentagon, Wall Street, Washington, The Military Industrial Complex, The Federal Reserve System of Legal Fraud, The Internal Revenue Service System of Legal Extortion, The National Debt, the International Debt, The War on Terror, the War on Drugs, Spreading Democracy, Quantitative Easing, Enhanced Interrogation Techniques, Extraordinary Rendition, or anything financed via Federal Reserve Notes.

Hamilton was a self confessed supporter of Monarchy.

Check it out yourself (leave me out):

Recommendation: Brion T. McClanahan "The Founding Fathers Guide to the Constitution"

That title does not mention anything about the diametric opposition between roughly half of the so called "Founding Fathers" with the other half, where half were lying, cheating, criminals, making campaign promises that were broken once their lies managed to get them elected into a new government that gave them absolute power.

I could read that book, but what would be the point of me recognizing further lies printed in books?

The Federalist Papers were written by the Nationalists, such as Alexander Hamilton, with the idea of fomenting a false rebellion against the actual Federation or Confederation, so naturally the Nationalists called themselves Federalists. The False Front Federalists had opposition, not limited to the most vocal opposition, such as Patrick Henry and George Mason, many Founding Fathers (genuine not counterfeit) opposed the Nationalists and what do you think the Nationalists called the people who opposed Nationalism (which was Nationalism hid behind a counterfeit "Federalism" Front)?

Check it out:

I can grab quotes and so can you, to sell, or give, to be taken, or abandoned, any reference; but this is already a long reply in a world of sound bites.

"He does a great job of clearing up original intent using supporting historical documentation from the time period (including but well beyond the Federalist Papers)"

Hamilton wrote Federalist Paper Lies, one of which had to do with Taxation, a campaign promise to be broken, which Hamilton broke when GIVEN the office of Secretary of Treasury. This is all well documented stuff, so I can be left out of the entire mess - please.