Comment: Benton is now enemy #1

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Benton is now enemy #1

....that's great guys!!!

It's his fault the electorate didn't want Ron Paul as the Republican nominee!

Seriously? You guys wanna keep wasting time, and energy worrying about what this ONE paid PR guy does in D.C.? Doesn't Boehner have aa PR guy? Don't McCain, Graham, Obama, Reid, Pelosi all have PR guys?

It's elementary that I have to scold you guys: but seriously....I told you ALL.....if you understand what we are supposed to be doing, then DO THAT!!!!

Quit stabbling Goliaths with toothpicks! Listen to WVCY Radio between 1pm-3pm Central Monday -Friday, out of Milwaukee; the.Worldview Weekend Radio and Crosstalk programs, and CALL IN and educate their audience as to what is going on, and what to do about it!!!!

WVCY is close to WND, and other "players" who get on Fox News and other major neo-
con media players....their audience gets emotional, and a great many of them are content to sit in the four walls of their homes and wait for the rapture of the church; but guests like Larry.Pratt and Jerome Corsi make it on there and who knows who we can reach with our REAL message.of fiscal responsibility, and namely the central banking, fractional banking debt scam.

I just get ticked off that we haven't moved on from demonizing individuals from the campaign...the evil entrenched public officials are moving on with their agenda; why aren't we?

What is Jesse Benton to the US Senate at large, or, the White.House???? He's NOTHING! So screw him....he has a paid job with McConnell as a fundraiser....big deal....he is not advancing statism more than anyone else is. Tarring and feathering him does not rescind Executive Orders.