Comment: i don't get you drama queens

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i don't get you drama queens

ron paul ran a NATION-WIDE campaign. if it were his entire national strategy to set up rand but never try to win, don't you think there would be more state-wide coordinators parroting this claim? the fact that out of thousands of counties you're hearing occasions of potential sabotage in single digits, what does that tell you?

and then let's entertain the scenario of a few bad apples. you can argue there will always be bad apples in any large organization, but even if there weren't, you think that was the sole determining factor in how the 2012 campaign was not won? think of the senior votes paul wasn't able to get despite them being most politically active and likely heard of paul's name much more than the working class. how many of you idiot boomers even here would hate when people talk about SS reform? paul's loss has nothing to do with reality and just the stupidity of the general populace, some represented even here? you fucking drama queens..

benton might have arranged paul's personal appearances, but it's retarded to think he can have hands on thousands of simultaneous local independent operations at the same time. the question is if this conspiracy is true, the scale of these rumors just doesn't make sense in being limited to the same old 1 crazy or 2 espousing it.. why don't you conspiracists ever grow some fucking sense of perspective?