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Comment: and how many people volunteered?

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and how many people volunteered?

you were the only one that happened to have his unfortunate experience? i would imagine people claiming this must be in the hundreds, no actually, tens of thousands, if this were a nation-wide strategy and everybody was passing around this memo like wild, instead of just half a dozen bad apples acting, and mainstream media would have missed this chance to ridicule him, if hundreds of thousands of people lashed out at him like you did? are you devoid of common sense? you really have a problem don't you? forget the diagnosis and phony psychologists, ask yourself deep within. and if you were so convinced in your belief, why didn't you call up your contacts to confirm what you hear elsewhere? to confirm this is indeed going on nationally? no, you got your drama material and that was enough for you, sit back and start posting on internet, lol.