Comment: I figured this out way back.

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I figured this out way back.

There are elements within the liberty movement that act much like neo-con churches.

They want your money but don't want to ask. But they will ask, yes they will if they think you will give.

They will try to cut a deal for you to finance them or front them money/resources for a ride to the next big event.

They want to prey off of the movement to escape their own failed circumstance... poverty, a cultish way of living, etc.

Once you get to the big liberty event it is inevitably staffed by those who want money to act, speak or perform... while these same lousy performers (the one's that are at every event) won't even put on a free performance in their own state or county of residence to help out the local Ron Paul meetup group with a membership drive.

I will not name names here but I can tell you that these people are NOT libertarians, they are not Ron Paul Republicans; they are cowards and they are selfish and solely interested in serving themselves, mostly at someone else's expense.

We need to differentiate between the grassroots and these self-promoters. We need to stop funding PACs and start funding liberty Republicans at our own state and county levels.

Those who travel, let them get there on their own dime. Those who perform, let them donate their time and talent to the cause.

Many of us have given way more than that without asking for anything in return.