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I think that the basic understanding of Law versus Liberty is such that The Articles of Confederation could have allowed Limited Constitutional Governments to improve over time in America.

New Jersey is an experimental Limited Constitutional Government and it is competing in a Free Market of Government with New York where there is another Limited Constitutional Government, and the Tax Payers vote with their feet like picking a Limited Constitutional Government on the shelf at WalMart.

People do not pick the lower quality and higher cost product, so that FORCE of all those people making all those voluntary choices end up FORCING the people hired to run the States into running the States the way the People want them to run the States (not the opposite).

That possible future was crushed when the Nationalists (hiding behind a false front of "Federalism") took over with a Nation State with only ONE Constitution instead of 13 competitive constitutions.

The Constitution (so named) gave away the power of Law to Central Bankers.

Just look at the gold fringed American flags. Find out what that means. Take your time. Do it right. Next time you are at a "government" building, check out the flag.

Learn better - not doing so costs too much.