Comment: She Scared the Officer

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She Scared the Officer

It's obvious that she scared the officer.

First, how many passengers were there and who were they? She pulled off the road as if she were a single woman without passengers.

The officer was outnumbered.

From his point of view, she raised all kinds of red flags indicating guilt. This did not justify his violating her rights, but it justified his suspicion. Officers rely on their instincts to survive.

Were the passengers wearing seatbelts? She is not obligated to state whether she was or wasn't, they are obligated to prove she wasn't, although the judge will likely assume the officer is truthful (for legal reasons, and because they know each other), however, if the excuse was the taillight, then it wasn't the seatbelt, and he shouldn't be allowed to claim it was. (When did you notice she wasn't wearing a seatbelt?)

Good luck (sincerely).

I was unjustly pulled over, once, at two in the morning, for going through a red light (it was still amber, but a curve in the road hid that from the officer). I could tell the officer relaxed as soon as we spoke and he could evaluate my demeanor (if he hadn't already started writing, I think he'd have dropped it). I was coming home from work, not leaving a bar, which helped.

I didn't fight it, which I regret, even though it was in 1976! (It's quite possible the officer would not have shown up.) I have only been pulled over once since then, for a missing registration sticker (someone stole it, "they do it all the time" the nice officer, said, and sent me on my way).

What do you think?