Comment: Ok I just got to say this

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Ok I just got to say this

We have all seen ridiculous witch hunting reactions by schools all over this country. It is escalating. There was one the other day about the young girl that wrote the poem about the Conn Shooting.

The first mistake we make is to try to make excuses for these kids actions. The minute we do this we are now attempting to defend a behavior. We are now on the defense. The truth is these kids do not need defending because they have NOTHING WRONG.

As far as i am concerned the schools are reacting this way for a very specific reason. They are attempting to instill fear into these students to be aware of every thing they write, say, or even think. That is the purpose of this crazy shit.

These are witch hunts. They are looking for anything they can interpret as POTENTIAL aggressive behaviors. The more we try to explain it away the more we feed these lunatics.

Just my 2 Cents.