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Comment: "they" and "we" are not "us"

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"they" and "we" are not "us"

Katanga was a free market economy where whites and blacks lived side by side. The UN with the help of the US subverted the country because it was the only part of the Congo that had not been controlled by communist criminals. I wish you would watch it to the end. It takes a long time for the story to unfold. It is wretched to see how the criminals attacked that country repeatedly until they finally got their way. Jeff had never heard of Katanga. I twisted his arm last night and he watched it. He wasn't real happy that it took an hour of his time till 11PM and then he still had stuff he needed to do. But I wanted him to see how our state department welcomed the Communist subverter but would not give a visa to the Katanga Free Market elected leader, but instead worked against him. Jeff was so interested by the time he finished watching he looked at wiki to see what happened to Tshombe. It is interesting to me that he exiled to Spain. I had watched the Spain link before the Katanga link. Here is the information from wiki that Jeff told me about this morning:

"In 1963, UN forces succeeded in capturing Katanga, driving Tshombe into exile in Northern Rhodesia, later to Spain. In July 1964 he returned to the Congo to serve as prime minister in a new Coalition government, but was dismissed from his position in October 1965 by President Joseph Kasavubu. In 1965, Prime Minister Joseph Mobutu, who had staged a successful coup against President Kasavubu, brought charges of treason against Tshombe, who again fled the country, and settled in Spain.

In 1967, he was sentenced to death in absentia.

On June 30, 1967, a Hawker Siddley jet aircraft he was traveling in was hijacked to Algeria, where he was first jailed and then kept under house arrest until his death in June 1969, which is officially recorded as "death from heart failure". The pilots of the plane, two Englishmen, Trevor Coppleston and David Taylor, were released and returned to England. According to the Congolese government Tshombe was going to Africa.[4] He is buried in Etterbeek cemetery near Brussels in Belgium.

[edit] Rumor

In 1968, a mysterious plane load of mercenary soldiers had landed at Kariba Airfield in Rhodesia, and was said also to hold "an African President." Rumor spread that Tshombe had been rescued, but no proof ever came to light of any rescue attempt."

Spain... I watched all the links in this series, but #9 willl begin Spain's story, then you will need to watch till the end of #13. I wish they had continued on with the Nazi Fascism story afterward. Jeff tells me that Franco allowed Hitler forces to use some of the Spanish population for "target practic." He hasn't seen these links yet. That is on my agenda. He keeps telling me how Franco sided with Hitler. Well, it seems that Hitler came to his aide while the communist criminals were helping the "republic" Then again, we, not me and you, be the US sided with Russia to defeat Hitler. I watched another Griffin documentary yesterday: "Capiltalist Conspiracy."

What I am concerned about is how ruthless these people are. I think it is important to know because "they" are after "our" guns in the meat grinder.

You say it is not too late? I see from Katanga that if "they" want something, "they" don't give up until they have it. Even if "they" have to shoot a room full of 5 year olds.

I want to know why "we" rescued China from "Japan" but then let Mao have it.

Katanga is now part of the Democratic Republic. China is the "People's Republic of China." I think it is very important to define the word "Republic" because when it comes time to protect the "Republic" there may just be a 5th column willing to help. That doesn't turn out so well because it is the 5th column that is destroying the republic. And now I see a bunch of Jewish Hate and Zionism Hate and I am wondering, is it a diversion? In that Spain link you will see the propaganda of portraits...we have seen billboards promoting Desmond Tutu and Nelson Mandela in Kansas City. The Fed charter is up this year...