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What I lay on Dr.Paul's shoulders is not being the kind of

person that can see the bad in people easily.

I think Benton and a few others conspired against him and us to trip us up.

So although you are correct, Dr.Paul was the captain, I hold no animosity towards him because I don't believe he was trying to do harm. I do however think his surrounding group was and is.

I just got a letter from an attorney for C4L today with language that smacks of manipulation and fear-mongering in an attempt to get me to send money. Absolute bullshit.

I love Dr.Paul and all that he has tried to do but I will not send anymore money to him if he's connected to people like that for whatever the reason he might be.

As you say.. it's about the message, not the man but I also say, it was about the man a little because we need to trust the man that will carry the message.

We got burned by Bentondick.. Unfortunately, that's going to happen on occasions, because these people are trash.

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