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no longer make the Economy work. Where is this working economy you speak of anyway? lol Sure, back when I wore diapers there was some semblence of a Free Market left in America, but for the last 30 years and ESPECIALLY since 9/11 our government is run like the textbook defintion of a corporate fascist State or Corporatism if you prefer.

I don't know how many people you know that have 1/2 million dollar a year incomes but I can promise you that at this time in American History, you do not get rich or stay rich without the ability to "pursuade" legislation and/or having inside connections with power brokers on Wall-Street and associations/group memberships that put you in line for govt favors/contracts.

Without inside information it is no longer possible for an average "investor" to expect anything better than the toss of coin when handing over money to brokers. God help all these middle class "day traders" that think they will ever break even. HFT exercises options in milli-secounds...the best someone from home on a PC can do is about 10 minutes but typically its 20 minutes or more. (regardless of what your online app tells you. You need to read the fine print) The casino that we call the "stock market" is so completely disfunctional that I honestly believe the numbers we see and the amount of shares that are moved around very likely could just be a computer program that has pre-set IF statements in the code that will magically reverse the direction of the market if it drops by more than 500 points or increases by more than 500 points in a single day.

There is SO MUCH electronic money being created by Bernanke continusly typing billions of dollars into the international bankers accounts and ONE DAY that "money" must officially enter into the actual money supply which will instantly reduce the value of the dollar by a minimum of 50%. Now, its not out of the relm of possibilty for this 50% decrease in the value of the dollar to cause the stock market ot SOAR for a period of time. Think about it, the value of the stock in a good business will not automatically get reduced just because the currency used to purchase that stock has taken a dump. What I believe could happen is the stock market may nearly double to reflect the weak dollar.

Either way...for the past couple decades, government grants, loans, contracts, subsidies, Aid, stimulus, all that stuff has become part and parcel of growing a company to a size larger than 30 -50 people.

I personally know 4 millionaires and each of them got something for nothing and/or was forced into financially supporting a local politician in order to remain in the good graces of the State. And once you start dancing with the start trying to come up with ways to "get back" some of the money you are having stolen from you. Thats where corporate law comes in. 1 of the millionares I know had such bad credit when he started his business that he just "became" his corporation. Everything he does and aquires (including his castle) all are the property of his corporation.

But there is one thing Mr Corporation does work hard at. Palm pressing with local officials and attending lots of events where the Governor or anyone else may show up. Its amazing what donating cash to a campaign manager will do for your karma. yada yada.. waivers, EPA exemptions, info on a grant or loan 2 days before its publiclly posted, etc. Its a gang writ large.

In a Corporate Fascist State, you have to deal with criminals because everyone ends up being guitly of some crime. This allows for selective enforcement of laws and sentences handed down that are wildly innconsistent. Until TSHTF, and the new monotary system is put in place, there is nothing an honest small businessman can do to become wealthy. There are just too many rules and regulations that are impossible to comply with. Obamacare was a real killer but it was already very tough to make a profit.

When the public purse is being looted non-stop by every person that can get their hand into it, all honest hard working Americans can do is learn to appreciate the people and things that are important in their life and enjoy every minute of every day while we wait around for the bandits to finish the job and move on to their next hit.

I'm convinced that the sheeple just don't have it in them to force and end to the criminality and corruption so we have to just wait and let it play out...slowly. When you can litterally print money anytime you need can keep a ponzi scheme going for a long time. SO, my life's work is now fighting for our children. I'm trying to re-educate my daughter and other kids that were indoctrined and lied to. Its not what my useless bachelors degree would indicate I should be doing but I have found it to be extremely rewarding.

Damn, I went to rambling. I wonder what I was even replying to. lol