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You ask "Has anyone here ever

You ask "Has anyone here ever seen "official U.S. papers" declaring the Constitution void?"

But this question is precisely the inverse of the appropriate one: Namely, where did the Constitution divine authority? From the small group of men who arrogated it to themselves in writing it and foisting it on even those whose consent was never obtained, including all future generations? As Spooner showed, this is absurd. There's no difference between this and a group of robber barons declaring themselves a government and calling their thievery taxes, and making up a bunch of rules that they foist on 'society' to obey forever and ever, amen.

I would start by reading the linked Spooner. If you disagree, so be it. But it's worthwhile to understand the concerns because they are very pertinent to everything we discuss today. And it's not trivial, either. These are fundamental philosophical questions at the root of one's worldview.