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Comment: Haven't commented much lately...

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Haven't commented much lately...

...but your post has compelled me...and yeah, I lost my Dad in '05.
There were times I hated him as I was growing up, and then after some suffering, experience and knowledge acquired (on my part)I came to appreciate him so much more.
The last years of his life were a blessing to me, and we celebrated a closeness that had never been there before.
He once apologized for past "transgressions" on his part, and I replied that it wasn't necessary...nobody gives you a book on how to be a father...His humility touched me deeply...even to this day.
I speak to him whenever I'm doing something that brings back a memory long forgotten....funny, isn't it?

His own Dad died when he was a child, and he hadn't any "model" to draw upon, and he was just "wingin' it"....he did a pretty damn-good job, upon retrospect...and I remind him of it when we "talk".
Mom ,on the other hand, is soon to turn 94...and I've shared these thoughts with her, along with a reminder that I Love Her.
Tell those that are still with you how much you love them...all the time....maybe that's the legacy left by this sorrow.
It reminds us to love one another.
Thank you for an insightful, noble post...God Bless You, and yours.
You've put a tear in my eye, and in some strange way I feel a need to say thank you, and tell you: You are not alone.

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!