Comment: How far down the rabit hole do you want to go.

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How far down the rabit hole do you want to go.

It started with the battle of waterloo. Or it started with the ashkanazi migration a the west european gypsy, or it started with the conversion of the Kazarian empire and their eventual expulsion from their homeland across Europe. Or it started with the knights templar and their USURY tactics. Or it started when Jesus overturned the money changers tables in front of the Jewish temple, in what seems to be the only example of Jesus displaying the emotion of anger. Or we could look at the Sumarian scrolls etched into rock with reference to eden and space ships. Or we could go into the ET speculation. or.... the National debt is a false debt, it is used to justify the immoral practice of extorted theft under the guise of collections to service a false national debt. I am not a debt slave and I do not appreciate anyone dictating to me that I must pay for a debt that I did not contract or borrow for. My final answer.