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"What if only rational,

"What if only rational, thinking, intelligent educated people voted?"

What if's are fine, I suppose, but it seems a short step from merely dreaming, to trying to make the 'what if' a reality. And when that happens, at least with this particular 'what if', we have bought ourselves all kinds of problems. Principle among them is the grand question, "Who decides who is or isn't rational, intelligent and educated?"

"What if people made their life decisions based upon evidence, facts and truth and not upon "beliefs" stories, and BS?"

There's a nice loaded question. Most people would say they do make their 'life decisions' in this manner. Of course everything you list packs its own load of unchecked baggage. And if one is to analyze evidence, discover facts or understand truth, one is going to have to start somewhere. You have to start somewhere if you are going to get anywhere. And precisely where everyone starts, including you, is with some sort of unprovable assumptions. It really can't be helped. Another word we might use for such assumptions is "beliefs".

"What if people held their own religious beliefs to the same standards they use to judge and reject other religions?"

I might add the idea of all beliefs and assumptions held to the same criteria, whether you would label them as religious or not. All such basic assumptions (or presuppositions) are not testable in the same manner as counting electrons or measuring flour. They are ultimately a means (or grounds) for proof, and not something that can be proven. This goes for everyone, including you.

"The answer to all of the above is that the world would be a much better place to live."

Given the nature of this and other posts, I'd predict what you would really like to have is a world full of yous. How nice.