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Comment: One person does most of the dirty work here on DP

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One person does most of the dirty work here on DP

LL your brain is so cooked from alcohol you couldn't figure out that Pollman was me Thomas you idiot.
I screwed you for a longer time than you think as I was there for over a year using that id overtly. I took you straight up head on and now it is going to be much more subtle as I have many accounts I grabbed long ago just for destroying your addlebrained ass...guess what they run from different ips in different (sic) locations and nobody working at the dp can ferret them out.

I can't believe you couldn't figure it out as I repeatedly emphasized what a fucking tool you are with your own words over and over like before as Thomas you cunt faced drunk. Get ready for more of the same and you are going to fuck any candidate you try to promote with a money bomb and Michael Nystrom has been warned also via facebook publicly what is going to happen if he allows you to do that so go fuck yourself are going to suffer worse than before and never be able to tell who is doing it because it will come from so many will be constant downvoting and you will kick and scream and never be able to prove a fucking thing...Phase 2 now cunt face....See you on the DP but you wont see me but I'll be chipping away at you...


Sent to your daddy Michael via facebook...

Galloping Libertarian
I promise you this Michael Nystrom and shame on you for allowing that psychopath legalizeliberty free reign on your website. One candidate and your website will be dragged into this as evidence of FEC violations. You better confer with an attorney because I will be watching very carefully.
Vote down!
Like I said your candidate promotion is finished here legalize
Submitted by PollMan on Thu, 12/27/2012 - 19:13. Permalink

You take part in promoting any candidate in 2014 or 2016 and I am personally going to notify the FEC of your involvement with that candidate. You vowed to promoted Gary Johnson in 2016. Do it and I will personally see to it that the FEC becomes involved. The same goes for any candidate in 2014 or 2016 you try to promote.

Under non election activity by Foreign Nationals ~ Despite the general prohibition on foreign national contributions and donations, foreign nationals may lawfully engage in political activity that is not connected with any election to political office at the federal, state, or local levels. The FEC has clarified such activity with respect to individuals' activities.

Your moneybomb days and use of your personal website for political promotion of US candidates has ran out.

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