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Comment: Humanitarianism

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I'm not done reading links yet but here :

"When Vietnam intervened in Cambodia and drove the Pol Potists from power in January 1972, Washington took immediate steps to preserve the Khmer Rouge as a guerrilla movement. International relief agencies were pressured by the U.S. to provide humanitarian assistance to the Khmer Rouge guerrillas who fled into Thailand. For more than a decade, the Khmer Rouge have used the refugee camps they occupy as military bases to wage a contra-war in Cambodia. According to Linda Mason and Roger Brown, who studied the relief operations in Thailand for Cambodian refugees: "

One think I noted while watching the Spain links...the Communist insurgents from around the world were allowed to "march" right back to their countries when defeated...they were not killed or taken as prisoners. I feel bad saying they were not killed or taken as prisoners. But they had just raped, murdered, and pillaged the Spanish people and when Franco defeated those cities they marched out like a parade some with the “Raised Fists” as in Workers of the World Unite.

Every time I think I can get my head around this stuff I am caught off guard again. Like I cannot accept that we did wrong in the Philippines. I keep wanting us to be the good guys.

But Josf, you see one thing I have noted, is that it seems that people get real discontent with “their” government as a part of “The Routine.” It seems that there are a bunch of us who are real discontent. How do we know that “The Routine” is not being played out here on us, now?

You said: “By the time the Routine reaches anyone, anywhere, it is too late to know better.”

What makes you think we can end the Fed, end the IRS and bring the troops home? They are talking about gun bans now. Did you look at the Spain link? #10 begins with the guns being registered and then confiscated from the Spaniards.

I cannot understand what is going on. Jeff thinks we will be “lighting candles” for Hilary…because she cannot be allowed to testify about Benghazi. People here on the DP are talking about taking the guns being an “act of war.” How can anyone know who the enemy is anymore? Franco had to have help from Hitler in order to have modern war weapons. I do not see any hope if “they” to start “the Routine” or if it has started, it will be “the Routine” and “we” will be “in for a rough ride.” “They” will stop at nothing. Are they moving to China so “they” can have war here? Or are they surrounding China so they can have war there? After all, don’t “they” use protecting interests as a reason for war? Maybe that is why the business have been moved to China, so “we” can protect them? There seems to be so many directions to think in. I have to cook dinner now.

But my plan is to do the first counterpoint and then send it to you to see so you can tell me if I am on the right path. I plan on working on it this evening tomorrow. I still haven’t done Christmas cards so I will have to take a break for that sometime.

Thank you for letting me talk to you about this, I know you said “and so it gets old to me, it get's tiring to me, and I can only stand so much of it.”

I am sorry for bringing it back up. I just cannot believe what I am understanding to be the case, and I am wanting “us” which is “them” to be the good guys. I didn't proof.