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You can get quite lost on the subject

Bill Thornton does a great job of simplifying the Law for the layman who would like to file an action as plaintiff in court.

Dallas debt discussion is a great talkshoe... many victories are being had against debt collectors:

Angela's "My Private Audio" talkshoe has an exceptional wealth of information.

As far as the folks I like to follow along with their work...

Carl Miller
Rob Ryder
Dean Clifford
Tami Pepperman (although she's not the nicest being to talk to)
Rod Class

There are more of course but in order those are the ones I find most informative, useful and most importantly... that are getting results.

I also have quite a few knowledgable folks on my skype contact list that I speak with on a regular basis. They don't have any websites or shows.

I will be starting up a talkshoe with a friend in the next few days as well. Will provide link if we go ahead and do the first show on "Self-government, Title and Biblical principles"