Comment: As I Up-Voted your post and comments below, the tickers

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As I Up-Voted your post and comments below, the tickers

never moved up or down - someone down voting simultaneously to my up vote. Pathetic losers ....... Just flat ass pathetic traitors who troll these posts and down vote them.

You people go to the nearest mirror and choke yourself to death, please, do it now.

Keep spreading the word brother, eventually they'll catch on.

And remember: If you're not receiving a check on the 1st and 15th of the month from a local/state/federal gov't agency, and they have no employment contract or payroll records for you on file to prove you are obligated to abide by their internal-statutory codes, as in Title 1 through Title 50 of the US Code, then tell them to kiss your ass when they come calling, if they ever do.

They can't force you to work for free, slavery is illegal. If they aren't paying you for your time, then why would you agree to abide by their own internal statutory rules (not laws)?

If gov't wants you to perform some function of gov't such as collecting a sales tax, be sure to charge them for you time. You're not a tax collector, and if they want you to be a tax collector, send them an fee schedule; your time is not free, and it takes time and money to keep track of paperwork and collect taxes for them.

That's their job, they can have people who are on a gov't payroll collect taxes, at least they are getting paid to do something for their time.