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Comment: Yep, I'm still here. It gets old trying to teach these people

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Yep, I'm still here. It gets old trying to teach these people

the simplicity of taking back their freedoms and getting gov't off their ass, as well as putting gov't back in it's box, to see these well thought out and explanatory threads people like yourself and others, and I take the time to post, only end up disappearing into the dark holes of the forum with only one comment and two up votes.

After awhile of working your ass diligently to educate people on this site of the ease of remedy, and they just skip right over it and start another thread on Momma's Apple Pie and Beetle Shit Cures Cancer, and threads like "Call the switchboard and tell your Senators to vote no on stealing our rights" ... lol, it becomes apparent you're dealing with less than intelligent individuals who are not capable of seeing an apple if you were to put it in their mouth and tell them it was an apple.


If someone on this forum would put one of these posts on the front page that explains, if you're not receiving a paycheck on the 1st and 15th of the month from either, local/state/federal gov't and they have no employment contract and payroll records on file to prove you are in some way obligated to abide by their internal statutory codes, as in Title 1 through Title 50, then gov't can kiss your ass.

That's how you put this out of control gov't back in it's tiny little box; you starve it by forcing them to cough up some employment contracts that proves every American in this country is on the gov't payroll and because they are getting paid, they are obligated to follow rules within those Titles 1-50 such as Title 26, the Income Tax Code, or Title 18, the Criminal Code, etc.

If gov't can only tax their internal employees who THEY are paying bi-weekly, and they have to leave the other 330 million people alone, how much revenue do you think they will be able to collect to start these wars and build up their police state?

The UNITED STATES is a foreign corporation doing business on American soil people. They are to tax their own internal employees to pay you and I money for using our natural resources while they are here.

Wake The Fuck Up and stop calling the house of representatives and begging foreigners to not steal your rights .... lol

Jesus, this is unbelievable!

What in the hell do you think Internal Revenue Service means?

It tells you in the damn Title: It's for Internal Employees. They can only collect taxes off of Internal Government Employees.