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as my post above says, it's

as my post above says, it's not that they are jews or that they stick together. It's that they stick together at the detriment of everyone else and would decry racism if a WASP were to act in the same way. Jews created communism to destroy the western world and they are hell bent on you being their slaves. I've read the Talmud and I know this to be the truth. Again, I'm sure there are many jews who do not believe in this way but there is a large group that does and they are the enemy. I am not against any religion or race simply because of who they are. I am a nationalist. I believe in America, not Israel, not Mexico, not any country in Europe. If you are an American then you are an American. You put America and its people first or you are a traitor. Jews have put nothing first except for money and Israel. Therefore they do not belong. If this sounds like National Socialism you are right. It's close anyway, except I accept all races so long as they pledge loyalty to our nation.