Comment: Could it be a complete fake?

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Could it be a complete fake?

In thinking about it, I've become convinced this could be completely staged from start to finish. All that would need to be controlled would be people directly affected. The survivors, families of survivors, and anyone who walks away having only witnessed a lot of officials and a chaotic emergency situation, have no grounds on which to contradict whatever the official story turns out to be.....They don't know any more than someone in another state watching it all unfold on TV.

Outside that inner-inner circle of officials and the people associated with those who supposedly died, there is no way to prove anything...everyone's information outside of this group is third hand.

If that inner circle of officials was controlled, if the few "random" witnesses were controlled, and if the victims and their families were invented or otherwise controlled, something like this could be mocked up and passed off as real with participants in the low dozens. Maybe less than that.

Not saying this is the case. Just saying that it isn't inconceivable if you consider the miniscule amount of information that can be verified by the general public. Beyond what's known by a certain, relatively tiny group, every last piece of evidence is no more than hearsay.