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anything is possible

check this out! cops made a statement about
bullets coming out from inside the school,apparently
hitting cars in the parking lot,pictures show a car with 2 bullet holes
in it,both on the side,but the car was facing the doors and the school
one bullet hole came from the inside out,not both both going in
also if the bullets came from inside,them holes would have in the front
of the car,and not the side,for 2 reasons,1 i already mentioned
the other is,there was a car parked next to the one with the holes in it,so that car had to have been hit before it was parked,AND
moved for the reasons i stated above,but this still does not explain the hole coming out from inside,the coroner stated they were murdered
by a rifle,but the cops said all he had on him were pistols
where did that rifle go?,they later found 2,1 shotgun,and another
that was not a bushmaster,in 2 separate cars

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence