Comment: Emken was fortunate Feinstein didn't debate her

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Emken was fortunate Feinstein didn't debate her

Or maybe I should say, the CA GOP was LUCKY Feinstein didn't debate Emken. I give Emken credit for actually campaigning in places in CA, like here in Nor CAl.. where so few come to campaign but really should because Mendocino has more registered voted per capita than any county in CA.

Here was Emkens platform:

"I am not Diane Feinstein".
"Feinstein won't debate me".

That's it.

I asked her about what she would do for our county and her answer was:

"I am not Diane Feinstein".

She must have said "Feinstein" 240 times.

So what really bothered me most about Emken was the GOP. I wondered, "Is this the best the GOP hs to offer to go upagaint Queen Feinstein?" They have to be kidding, or protecting Feinstein..

I think it's the latter.