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You seem like a nice guy, but you might be getting caught up in your own syllogisms.

A pattern of abnormal behavior that can be objectively identified as abnormal by a lot of people who have loved ones and who have lost loved ones indicates some common, abnormal factor....So, this pattern, if it can be established, can be used as evidence to support the theory that the common, abnormal factor is that these people are fakes involved in a fake event.

This is simple and sound logic....A guy accused of killing his wife goes on the witness stand and his grief seems like a cheap act. The jury takes this into account and weighs it along with a lot of other evidence. They don't dismiss it because "everyone grieves in their own way." Same thing's going here. These people, down to the last person, aren't believable as grieving friends and family, and they happen to be central figures in an event that happens to be a dream come true for our fascist government. It's totally appropriate to factor in their behavior "on the stand" if your theory is that this event is in any way staged.