Comment: You are the one defending big pharma meds, and (lol)....

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You are the one defending big pharma meds, and (lol)....

.. fluoride in the water. Yes. I remember you.

You are studying to be a dentist. You post in these threads, battling courageously for modern medicine, taking up the charge against the ill informed and empirically impaired.

It's kind of funny really.

So. We (those that have a contrary point of view) obviously cannot possibly know what we're talking about. Because we're not 'trained by the system'.

You're right. Even though I personally have been harmed by big pharma drugs. My family has personally been harmed by big pharma drugs. My friends and aquaintainces have been hurt, even killed by big pharma drugs.

Even though they recently diagnosed me with an "incurable" disease - gave me no hope of ever curing it - put me on daily medication that they told me "we don't know how it works, it usually doesn't at all, and if it does happen to work - it will probably STOP working mysteriously at some point" ...

And the only way I am managing my illness is through personal research -- 'kooky' alternative diets -- 'wacky unproven' natural supplementation.

I've been taking 'unreliable, anecdotal' advice from people that actually have been living with it and managing it for years with NO help from your medical establishment.

Up until now, I *thought* it was working amazingly successful. Especially when I compare my condition against thousands or millions of other people who follow their 'plans', take their marvelous 'scientifically' proven chemicals ... and end up wasting away to nothing and eventually having their intestines ripped out of their bodies.

I though my voodoo methods were working. *sigh* Well ... I guess not.

You're right. Its probably all psychosomatic. All in my head, no doubt.

Thanks for straitening me out. Carry on ...